Movies To Watch Before You Die

Obviously this isn’t a story about a sexual escapade, nor is it a random short story. Me being a film nerd, I thought I’d make a list of movies for you clowns to watch before you die. Keep in mind, some of these are foreign films, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least look them up and check out their reviews before you judge. Hell, most foreign films are better than the shit that Hollywood produces. Trust me, there are some amazing ones out there. The foreign films will be denoted with an asterisk (*). Stay open-minded.

This is actually my all-time favorite film, and it’s about Mozart and his life up until his death. It won best picture in 1984, and it has one of the best production and costume designs of any film ever made.

Apocalypse Now
Hands down the best war movie ever made. It’s about the Vietnam War, and it has some pretty intense scenes to say the least. Your parents have seen it, and you should see it too.

A Clockwork Orange
This is a pretty controversial film by arguably one of the best directors of all time in Stanley Kubrick. It’s about violence, more violence, sex, reform and Beethoven. Join the rest of the world and watch it as soon as humanly possible.

The Dark Crystal
I could try to describe what this one is about, but you just have to see it to understand. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy lover’s wet dream! I grew up watching this at my babysitter’s, and I’ve loved it since.

I Saw The Devil*
One of the most beautifully shot films I’ve ever seen, this Korean film is a tale of revenge. Not one of those that end in revenge, but that is the underlying theme in this one. It’s what happens after the initial revenge that makes this one completely fucking badass. If this film were made in America, it would never make it passed a studio executive, let alone into a movie theater. Just go watch it.

Let The Right One In*
This Swedish film combines adolescence and vampires, and it does it in a way that will make you forget that Hollywood almost ruined vampire films forever with that Twilight bullshit. This movie was the cause of the American remake called Let Me In. Don’t watch that one. Watch this one. There’s a reason why Hollywood tried to remake it, so go check it out.

Raging Bull
This boxing movie is my personal favorite from Martin Scorsese. Ya know, the guy who directed The Departed, Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, Hugo, etc. It’s shot in black and white although it was made in 1980. I still think it’s the best boxing movie ever made, not to mention Robert De Niro gives one of his best performances ever on screen.

Adapted from Irvine Welsh’s book, this movie is one that I watch literally over and over. It has heroin, Scottish accents, more heroin and an amazing soundtrack. Oh, and one of the coolest scenes involving a toilet that you’ll ever see.

This one is a cult classic. Also from Korea, it might be the #1 revenge movie of all time.  The twist at the end of this one will make your jaw drop.  Words describing this film don’t do it justice. Go see it for yourself.

2001: A Space Odyssey
This is another Stanley Kubrick film, and it’s definitely his best In terms of an overall film. It might seem boring or like it drags on too long, but that’s just because we’re used to watching fast-paced films with quick cuts, which is what Hollywood puts out today. It’s also the style of the filmmaker. A pretty trippy one here, and it will probably leave you asking. “what the fuck did I just watch?” But everyone needs to see this because it’s one of the best films to ever grace the big screen.


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