Twice Is Not Enough

For personal reasons I’m not going to use the actual names of the females involved in these stories.  I don’t want to piss off anyone as of right now, and I don’t feel like getting sued for mentioning specific girls in the blowjob/sex stories that will soon infest this blog.  Here we go.

My male friend was having a big party at his house like he usually does around the weekend of the 4th of July.  There were all kinds of people form neighboring towns around the area at the party. I had my eye on this girl all night (that means I had envisioned having sex with her).  I’m not one to walk up and spit out some dumbass line hoping to get vagina. No, that’s not my style.

It was an hour or so later, and I had some liquid courage (busch light) in my system.  Some of us were outside in the parking lot smoking a cigarette when everyone else went back inside.  It was just this girl and myself now. She broke the silence with the typical “hey.”

I don’t remember much else of the conversation due to the fact that all I could do was picture my dick in her mouth. I wanted to know what the top of her head looked like.  She was from the next city over called Greenville, which was known for Annie Oakley and The Great Darke Count Fair.  To me it was known as a hotbed for douchebag guys and slutty girls.

I guess the conversation went well because the next thing I remember, we were making out behind a tall tree in my friend’s yard.  Making out is fun when you’re 14, but I was over it at that point.  I grabbed her hand and put in on my crotch.  She then proceeded to do what is music to every guy’s ears.  I heard my jeans unbutton and the zipper slide down to the bottom.  I swear it took her less time to get to her knees than it did to unzip my pants.  She was sucking and slurping like she had done it a thousand times before that.  I thank God for these types of girls.  The type of girl who probably hates her father and takes it out on him by whoring around priding herself on her fellatio giving abilities.   I never finished because some dumb motherfuckers walked over and we had to close up shop before we got caught.  I could honestly care less if I get caught getting a blowjob, but a girl is less inclined to continue with a sexual escapade if she gets caught in the act.  Girls are way too sensitive.

Later on in the night, everyone congregated to a party down the street. That was fine with me because this party was a mere 4 houses down from my house.  In a guys mind that means two things. 1. No matter how fucking lame this party is or how drunk I get, I can walk home no problem. 2. I can easily bring a girl home. These are in no particular order.  Like a true whore, she was back at it again. This time she was sucking me off as I lean against the back of my friend’s SUV.  Yes, she is now sucking me off in the gravel driveway of the house that’s hosting this party. Whore.  She had to stop again without getting me off because two people in the car parked next to us honked their horn.  Fuck! 

Later in the night, this girl’s friend, her and myself were all trying to figure out where we were staying.  I told them I lived thirty seconds away, so we walked to my house. We were outside my house when the two girls both looked at me.

Blowjob Girl “So where are we staying?”

I realized that her friend was slightly hotter, but I had to think quick.  I could either A. Make her friend sleep on my floor and try to fuck this girl, which made sense because she sucked me off twice earlier tonight. B. Get the Blowjob Girl to leave and try to fuck the hotter friend even though we hadn’t spoken more than ten words to each other all night. At this point a threesome didn’t seem doable. Sometimes you can just tell. I was a little salty about not finishing earlier so I went with a ballsy move. See what I did there?

Me “Well, I mean your car is only a few blocks or so.”

Blowjob Girl “Oh. Well how do I get there?”

Me “Just walk straight and turn left after two blocks. You’ll see it.”

Blowjob Girl “ Okay. See you guys.”

I could tell she was bummed, but regardless I took the hotter one inside, fucked her and never talked to the blowjob girl again.  Both of these girls were from Greenville.  I love when stereotypes turn out to be true.







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